Our skilled physical therapists evaluate movement dysfunction in various sports including running, biking, dancing, tennis and other sport related injuries

Bike Fit

Whether you are a bike commuter or professional cyclist, biking should and can be a pain free experience. While many people initially seek advice from their local bike shop, Active Marin Physical Therapy’s staff  provide a better option with physical therapy medical backgrounds and years of cycling and bike fitting experience. A bike fit visit is not just important to prevent discomfort, but for injury prevention. Our staff can determine whether your symptoms are from a variety of factors including posture, pedaling/shifting skills, unresolved injury, inflexibility issues, weakness, training errors, or a combination of these factors regarding your bike fit.

Run Analysis

Improve your running performance and prevent running injuries. As runners, Active Marin therapists understand your passion for running and are dedicated to helping you achieve all of your goals. We employ a comprehensive running assessment designed to identify running mechanics that may predispose a runner to injury and to create a plan to address any altered mechanics. You will undergo a thorough exam of strength, flexibility, movement patterns and running form, combining current technology with other assessment techniques. After reviewing findings with a physical therapist, each client will receive a personalized assessment and plan. Whether a competitive athlete looking for the next endurance challenge, or brand new to the sport of running, our running assessment is appropriate for runners of all levels.

Sports Retraining

Active Marin Physical Therapy helps athletes recover from an injury, prepare for a competition or provide personalized training for your sport.  We utilize sport specific exercises to simulate changes in speed, movement, balance and resistance. This better reflects what you experience on the field, court, road, etc. We work with athletes from a variety of disciplines, including dancing, and competitive levels.