Active Marin Physical Therapy

Active [ak ‘ tiv]: Having the power or quality of acting; causing change; communicating action or motion.

Active Marin Physical Therapy, located in Mill Valley, California, embraces each individual’s power to make a change and to recover to their fullest potential. We are a group of academically-trained physical therapists specializing in orthopedic sports medicine and comprehensive care that fits into a patient’s busy schedule. We provide the highest quality, individualized physical therapy program in the San Francisco Bay Area. We do not use aids or assistants. Our experienced therapists provide high-quality, one-on-one care. We work with all major PPO insurance groups and Medicare. Whether your goal is to run a marathon, dance freely, carry your baby or walk painlessly, at Active Marin in Mill Valley we support your goals and body’s ability to heal.

A Different Approach

Deep Expertise:

  • Back Pain/Sciatica
  • Proprioception/Balance Training
  • Sports Medicine
  • Yoga and Pilates Based Rehabilitation
  • Women’s Health
  • Hip Impingement/Labral Tears

Five Star Team:

  • Premier team of highly educated, experienced rehabilitation specialists
  • More quality time with therapists who listen, collaborate and don’t rely on aides to perform the treatment
  • Thoughtful, holistic care

Responsive and Reliable:

  • Secure electronic records
  • Convenient hours and location
  • Book appointments online or via phone
  • Available via phone
  • Email your provider directly

Pilates/Yoga Rehabilitation


Bike Fit, Run Analysis, Sports Retraining


Active Marin Physical Therapy
421 Miller Ave.
Mill Valley, CA 94941

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